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tiffany blue nike free runs amazon Women's abdominal pain after injection. The t

Zhaodong woman abdominal pain after injection to death. Admission diagnosis process northeast network March 18th news (reporter Wang Zhongyan) 16 to the northeast net users reflect, Zhaodong city residents in Heilongjiang province Han Yingxue in March 15th for abdominal pain to the Zhaodong City People's Hospital, in the hospital 2 hours after inconclusive, in turn to another hospital of death. At present, the Zhaodong City Health Department has been involved in the investigation. family members of the deceased: after tic doctor no rescue 17 reporters rushed to the city of Zhaodong interview. In the Han Yingxue home, Han father Han Xianli, the 27 year old Han Yingxue late on March 14th appears on the right side of abdominal pain, vomiting occurred in Huoxiangzhengqi water after drinking. 15 morning, Han Yingxue is still feeling pain in abdomen. eight thirty PM, Han Yingxue accompanied his family to Zhaodong City People's hospital. Hang the emergency number, emergency room doctor let Han Yingxue do the ultrasonography and brain CT. at about 10, Han Xianli hurried to the hospital, see Han Yingxue in the hospital floor sitting, carry her daughter to the hospital 5 Lou Zhu doctor. Said Han Xianli, doctor Zhu press the belly, Han Yingxue said not to ache. Then, Zhu doctor let Han took his daughter to the 3 floor to find a Lvxing doctor. Lu doctor measured temperature and pressure for the display,[url=]tiffany blue nike free runs amazon[/url], high fever 41 degrees. at this time, to the third floor office deputy director Li Caiyan at the 2 floor of the Department of internal medicine. In Lu doctor introduction, Han Yingxue to the department visits Li Caiyan, and are arranged into 206 wards. Li Caiyan let the family members with wine to Han Yingxue do physical cooling. During the period, Han Yingxue ate medicine "prior to other departments arrange Ivo Andric" fever. Subsequently, Li Caiyan let the nurse gave Han Yingxue a half Antongding and two dexamethasone. A few minutes later, Han Yingxue began to twitch. "then I to go to the doctor's office for the doctor, the indoor five or six doctors. I said my child who smoked for office, the doctor said, who gave you prescribe you find who." Han Xianli said. later, Han Xianli returned to the 206 ward, because Li Caiyan and the related medical staff did not find, see daughter twitching, panic Han back Han Yingxue left Zhaodong City People's Hospital, take a taxi to the first hospital of Zhaodong city. in a taxi to the first hospital of Zhaodong City Road, brother-in-law Wang Chengsan Han Yingxue had been found unconscious. Arrived at the first hospital of Zhaodong City, the medical staff to do the "cardiac" to Han Yingxue, doctors confirmed that Han Yingxue has been killed. 17 days, the first hospital of Zhaodong city to the Northeast network confirmed,[url=]tiffany blue nike[/url], Han Yingxue arrive at the hospital before death. relatives provide medical instrument display, emergency department, the registration fee, registration fee, CT head ultrasound fee total abdominal time is 8:33:22, a registration fee, fee, static, western medicine for 10:42:19. Color Doppler ultrasound examination report supersonic clew: cholecystitis, enlarged appendix, gastrointestinal gas. CT inspection report inspection conclusion: head CT scan without significant changes, clinical. hospital: not doctors rescue find families after injection in Zhaodong City People's Hospital, reporters saw the day for treatment of a doctor Li Caiyan Han Yingxue. Li Caiyan said, the patient is in the hospital, she is seen at the time of surgical consulting room, doctor LV said patients not surgical disease, stomach does not hurt, let her help to see at a glance. She looked after the patient have a fever, immediately suggested that families with alcohol wipe the body physical cooling, and go to room 206. She asked the relatives of the patients with family history, said last night the stomach bilges a bit uneasy. At that time, check the body temperature is 41C,[url=]nike free tiffany blue[/url], pressure is 90/60, 18 breath, pulse is 120. See this situation, she told family members continue to be physical cooling, and with family members. Patients should be immediately hospitalized. Li Caiyan told reporters, the family of the deceased before leaving the hospital did not have been to her office to find her, he did not leave the two floor, two floor, other doctors and nurses have not heard Han Xianli in the hospital's two floor corridor. according to family members of patients after muscle injection needle after a few minutes, patients began to twitch,[url=]nike free run 4 tiffany blue[/url], go to the families of the doctor's office to find a doctor, but no medical staff to disposal problems, Zhaodong City People's Hospital Dean Gu Xiangqian said, after the hospital,[url=]tiffany blue nike free runs[/url], patients were injected muscle needle after the family didn't find a doctor. monitoring shows: medical personnel door stop watch out through communication, a reporter with the Zhaodong Municipal Health Bureau, the hospital staff and family members of the deceased to view the surveillance video of the day. Ten thirty-seven reporters through the hospital surveillance video at the two floor stairs side, see, Li Caiyan walked into the Han 英雪 lived in the 206 ward, ten forty-two out of the room. Ten forty-five, Li Caiyan and nurse again into ward, and out of the room at ten fifty and nurses. through two buildings on the other side of the elevator to see surveillance video, eleven sixteen, Han Xianli from the 206 ward came out to the doctor's office to go in the direction, and returned to the ward in about a minute later, but the monitoring equipment did not monitor to the doctor's office at the entrance side range. Eleven twenty-one, Han 先利 back his daughter away from the hospital's two floor video display. In Han Xianli just go down the stairs, Li Caiyan appeared in the ward in the corridor. prior to this, the two floor stairs side surveillance video shows eleven nineteen eleven nineteen, 3 seconds to 26 seconds, a male medical personnel remain in the 206 ward doorway, and to ward to see 23 seconds later. afterwards, the family members of the deceased to the matter of complaints to the provincial food and drug administration, provincial food and Drug Administration assigned to Zhaodong city food and Drug Administration rushed to the hospital for investigation. At present,[url=]nike free run tiffany blue[/url], the Department has put to the remaining drug Han Yingxue injection for sequestration, 17, sent to Suihua city detection. About 3 to 5 days to the detection results. according to Zhaodong City Health Bureau of medical affairs unit Yang Ping introduced, they have been in Zhaodong City People's Hospital and the family members of the deceased to agree and witnessed the day of the incident, the relevant video surveillance storage for evidence. Zhaodong City Health Bureau has been investigating the matter. Gu forward, at autopsy and the results came out, if confirmation is the responsibility, the hospital will undertake. [url=]nike free run Elevator fault 5 years of annual inspection are qualified elevator[/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]